Time to start making your estate home dreams come true
If you fancy living in one of the exclusive estates east of Pretoria, now’s the time to stake your claim and start to plan your dream home.

So says Yolanda Pelser, owner of the RealNet Silver Estates franchise, who says stands in several of these estates are currently selling at very low prices. “For example, you can buy 700sqm stands for around R380 000 in our areas, and 900sqm stands for around R530 000 – all well located in sought-after security estates such as Six Fountains, Willow Acres, Leeuwenhof, Silver Willows, Silver Woods and Lombardy as well as Silver Stream.”

Meanwhile, she says, RealNet Silver Estates has had a lot of success in communicating with developers and spec builders in these estates and getting them to offer more of the type of home buyers are currently looking for, at the sort of prices they are prepared to pay.

“We get the most enquiries for three-bedroom clusters, duettes and townhouses priced at up to R1,5m, and we have a new development on our books at the moment which will be comprised of three-bedroom homes of around 180sqm each, priced at around R1m, which we believe will sell like hotcakes.

“Most buyers in our areas are people aged between 30 and 40 with young families - especially now that there are several excellent schools close by – and people over 50 who are scaling down from big suburban homes for security reasons and perhaps have one or two children at university. Via the N4 freeway, the estates in this part of Pretoria are conveniently close to Tuks.”

As for pre-owned houses in these estates, Pelser says, actual selling prices (as opposed to asking prices) are still down about 20% from the boom days of 2007 / 2008, so there is also good value to be had here. “And the banks generally seem to have no problem in granting home loans to buy these properties, provided they are well priced and the buyer has a 10 to 20% deposit.”

However, at the other end of the buying scale, there is also growing demand among both investors and first-time buyers for sectional title apartments in the new development node known as Hazeldean, thanks to the rapid completion of new office parks, shopping centres and other workplaces in the area, and a corresponding influx of young people needing accommodation.

“And to cater for this, we have just begun marketing studio and bachelor units at the Oukraal development in Hazeldean at prices from R360 000.”

Article by: www.realnet.co.za