Pipe leak has couple bursting with anger

Lynnwood residents in Pretoria are up in arms over a water pipe which has apparently burst six times this year, causing financial havoc and inconvenience.

Residents living in Elizabeth Grove have complained to the Tshwane Council over the pipe situated in Kings Highway, which reportedly keeps bursting.

Anita and Bill Wilson said they are fed up with the water leaks.

"The second time it happened this year our garden wall came crashing down from the pressure of the water."

We even had to have our pool remarbalited after the burst pipe ruined it, which cost us R33 000," said Wilson.

Anita's main concern was her vegetable garden which had now been ruined.

"Bill has cancer and so I insist on growing my own vegetables to keep him healthy. And now it has all been washed away," she said.

The Wilsons' complained that the most frustrating thing about the ordeal was the lack of reaction response they got from council.

"This is not just about money, but about inconvenience. I have written several letters to the council and they don't reply. When they eventually did they said they had repudiated the claim," said Wilson.

By Sunday afternoon the Wilson's garden and driveway were flooded as the water continued to flow down the street and on to the neighbour's property.

Council workers were attempting to fix the burst pipe.

"This is an old asbestos pipe which has burst. According to my superiors we will be upgrading the whole (Lynnwood) area from asbestos pipes to UPVC. These asbestos pipes are very old. Hopefully, by next year they should all be upgraded," said a council worker at the scene who did not want to be named.

At time of going to press a council spokesperson was unavailable for comment.

This article was originally published on page 4 of Pretoria News on December 07, 2004
Article from: www.iol.co.za