A visit to tranquility

"Get ready for an experience of a life time" This I was told recently when I was invited to visit The Orient and Restaurant Mosaic. How often have I not heard this.

After a long day and frustrations travelling to a destination that I was not familiar with I was not prepared for the adventure awaiting me.

Nestled in the valley of Elandsfontein the Moroccan - Moorish architecture of the building was absolutely breathtaking and extraordinary against the sunset of the surroundings.

But this was just the beginning.

After entering through one of the biggest wooden carved doors I have ever seen in my life I was taken back in time and I was taken away from just another day. A culture shock if you should ask me. I just featured an article on the hotel that Andre Agassi and his tennis wife just completed and I thought that you could not get better and here in the heart of our beautiful country I discovered there is more. Warmth, richness, luxury, tranquillity, happiness.. it all greeted me at the same time. No, I left out one feeling, passion! It was a feeling I cannot describe. I was surrounded by colour, textile, sculpture, paintings, wood carved furniture, silk cushions, and warm welcome smiles.

The guest suite where I was taken to, the Marrakesh was decorated in true traditional Oriental style with warm rich reds, browns, copper and brass. From the window of my suite I overlooked the last of the sunset over the valley. But it was not long before I found myself carried away reading from one of the first edition books that I discovered on the antique dressing table.

As I prepared for dinner later the evening, bathing with the smell of lavender, I could not help wondering what dinner will produce. "Exceptional ingredients treated simply" There is just no other way to describe the meal that was served at Restaurant Mosaic. A modern European meal with a true, spicy Oriental undertone of which my favourite was the tender veal medallions wrapped in Parma ham. Each course was accomplish with a wine carefully selected by Franco the Sommelier from 10 000 bottles from the hotel's own cellar. A combination of chef and sommelier yet to be found and waiting to be experienced.

A tour of the hotel took me through some of the suites, dinning rooms and art galleries. With each room it was an experience as each one had something different, something unique to tell.

My favourite of all the rooms, the library. Here I could sit in a deep leather chair sipping my tea, yes I declined the cognac, and listen to the 20 year story of the owners. I made each and every journey with them.

When I put my head on my pillow at the end of the evening I could truly say that I have experienced it!

The story;

  • this superior hotel offers the highest levels of style and sophistication, combined with exceptional service in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere
  • guest rooms are spacious, sumptuous and superior, designed for comfort and convenience
  • two accolades were bestowed. The Orient was awarded a five star hotel status by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa, and our Restaurant Mosaic was honoured with platinum status, after only two months in operation.
  • on Thursday the 9th of November The Orient Boutique Hotel was featured on Top Billing

My advice to you, visit The Orient and indulge yourself in five-star luxury and service fit for royalty!

Contact Number: 0836000231 / 012 3711190/22
www.the-orient.net Tel: 012 371 1190
www.restaurantmosaic.com Tel: 012 371 1122