Focus on Dundee, Kwazuly Natal, South Afica

Dundee on the Northern slopes of the Biggarsberg is where KwaZulu Natal’s great coal mining industry originated.

The Dundee Coal Company was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1899, and Dundee soon emerged as a boomtown graced with stately homes and the first theatre north of Port Natal-Durban. Pioneer traders from the Indian sub-continent settled here during the following decade, when Dundee became the meeting place of seven roads into the hinterland and coast.

It remains a convenient central base for exploration of this corner of KwaZulu- Natal.

Today only one coal mine is still in operation while cattle and sheep ranching and maize growing are the main agricultural pursuits of the district.

Dundee was the scene of the first major engagement in the Anglo Boer War at Talana. Some of the other most famous battle sites in KwaZulu Natal can be visited near the town.


Talana Museum:
A splendid collection of Victorian edifices built on the site of the Anglo Boer War’s first battle. On display are some fascinating militaria plus sections devoted to coal mining, glass- and brick-making.

Thornley Farm:
During the Battle of Talana the headquaters, Boer hospital and mortuary of the Boers were located on the farm Thornley on the southern slopes of the Talana Hill. The buildings have been restored to their pristine condition.

MOTH museum:
In the Isandlwana Shellhole, housing an excellent collection of medals and weaponry from the Anglo Boer War.

Battle sites:
Isandlwana, Blood River and Rorke’s drift near the town are some of the most famous. At the latter 100 heavily outnumbered men came out victorious over the Zulu after, a 12h battle.

Hikes and Trails:
The district is blessed with beauty and imbued with history. It is therefore best experienced on one of the many hikes and trails on offer.



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