New market means new strategies

There is no doubt that a buyers' market is in full swing - and sellers need to adapt their selling strategies accordingly.

With many homes on the market, sellers should attempt to make their properties stand out from the crowd, and one way of doing this, is to "sell the deal" instead of selling just another property.

For example, if your agent suggests dropping the selling price, you could turn things around and instead of advertising the property for less, advertise that you will pay the first few months' bond repayments for your buyer.

At the end of the day, you would still only receive the discounted price for your home but at least you would have put the rest of the money to positive use by incentivising potential buyers and quite possibly achieving a faster sale.

Another incentive may be to include appliances with the home. This will probably appeal to buyers who are saving every penny for the required deposit and transfer costs. Similarly, custom-made blinds and curtains or a new carpet of the buyer's choice could be included in the deal.

If you are selling a holiday home, you could consider selling it as a furnished property, or even include extras for which you will no longer have any use, such as a beach buggy or boat.

However, the trick is to include incentives in your initial marketing plan. Your aim should be to attract as many prospective buyers as possible by offering an attractive deal - there is little marketing value in offering the incentives only when prospective buyers are already on your doorstep.

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