Thinking of retirement?

Unsurpassed Comfort & Luxury befitting Retired Persons. The Vue de la Mer Retirement Village consists of Upmarket Single Title Townhouses of the highest quality, Sectional Title Apartments & Assisted Living units with balconies, secluded garden atriums & luxury verandas. A Frail Care unit also forms part of the main buildings in the village.

It's the freedom to enjoy some of the best years of your life...

The apartment building will have spectacular views of the coastline from the top floors. The complex also includes a community centre with various facilities, including Lounges with fireplaces, Ladies Bar, Libraries, Spacious Dining Room & Fully fitted Kitchen, Ladies Hairdresser, Tuck shop & Laundry which should be completed towards the end of 2008. The facilities, also house wind free under cover entertainment areas with adjacent bowling green, enclosed swimming pool, braai area & club house.

Health care when needed . . .

A regular Health Clinic service will also be made available to residents upon completion of the main buildings. Other facilities which will be available then includes Nurse-call & Smoke Detection systems in the frail care & assisted living units. All units are equipped with an intercom system & emergency call facility.

The complex will have a secure boundary wall with attended access & camera control. Face brick finishes ensures minimal maintenance & reduced levies. All gardens are landscaped & fitted with automated irrigation and will be maintained.

No compulsory buy back option

Vue de la Mer is administered according to the Housing Development Schemes for Retired Person Act (Act 65 of 1988) and the village will not enforce a compulsory buy back option, with the full yield of your investment to your beneficiaries.

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