Focus on Bakoven, Western Cape, South Africa

Bakoven is Camps Bay's baby sister. A small exclusive seaside suburb located just as you leave Camps Bay en route to Llandudno and Hout Bay.

It is a suburb with two very distinct sides to it - below Victoria Rd and above Victoria Rd. The homes below Victoria Rd are mainly charming seaside bungalows and that area retains an almost village like feel, where neighbours still greet each other and know one anothers business.

Above Victoria Rd, Bakoven is very much like the rest of Camps Bay, with which it merges. Most accommodation is within walking distance from the beach and most offer magnificent views across the Atlantic Ocean the beautiful Bakoven Bay and the majestic mountains directly behind.

Bakoven Shops

For all shops, restaurants, bars and other facilities you’ll need to head down the road to Camps Bay.

Bakoven Beaches

There is a lovely little beach called Bakoven Beach if you want a bit of privacy or to get away from the crowds at Camps Bay. There is a small parking lot among the houses where you can park you car with a short flight of steps leading down to the beach. If you’re looking for a beach with more action head to Camps Bay.