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Is Bakoven the new Clifton?

Bakoven has the potential to eclipse Clifton as SA’s most sought-after beachfront suburb.

Nestled sedately on the periphery of Camps Bay, the area already boasts property prices on a par with Clifton – and has a few features that may soon put it ahead in the best-address stakes

“Bakoven shares a number of Clifton’s attributes and they both offer similar types of properties,” says Alan Meyer, area specialist for Chas Everitt International, “but Bakoven surpasses Clifton on some counts, particularly in terms of privacy.”

As in Clifton, bungalows typify the property landscape in Bakoven. However, the area is much more secluded and many properties are fronted by small, discreet beaches which are hardly ever utilized by holidaymakers - a far cry from the crowds that throng to Clifton’s shoreline.

“Indeed, so quiet is Bakoven that many residents feel as if they have their own private beach.”

But privacy isn’t the only drawcard which tips the scales in Bakoven’s favour. The area is much more family-orientated and closer to major amenities, says Meyer. “While Clifton residents are slightly removed from central shopping nodes, Bakoven inhabitants are a stone’s throw away from everything Camps Bay has to offer.

“Parking is also readily available in Bakoven as opposed to Clifton where a garage or parking space comes with a hefty price tag.  Steep steps, endemic to Clifton, are also sidestepped at Bakoven.”         

And it would seem that buyers have cottoned on to all that Bakoven has to offer, with asking prices of up to R20m being met by both local and overseas buyers. “Of course now is the right time to buy,” says Meyer, as bungalows that are refurbished and upgraded now stand to sell at a premium in years to come.” 




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