IEASA international ties benefit SA consumers
Networking at the recent Icrea meeting in Lisbon (ltr) were IEASA vice-president Ken Ralph;Certificate of the Residential Specialist CEO Nina Cottrell from the US and IEASA president Dr Willie Marais.

South African home sellers are already deriving benefits from the decision by the Institute of Estate Agents earlier this year to join ICREA – the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations.

These benefits include the opportunity to have their property featured on, the global property showcase operated by ICREA which attracts more than 25 000 international users a month.

“South African estate agents who are members of IEASA are now entitled to upload their properties for sale to and thus give these homes exceptional international exposure,” says IEASA president Dr Willie Marais. “This is another good reason for consumers to deal with agents who are members of the Institute.”

The website now also has a specific portal for developments, which will enable SA agents to display the best new homes and resort properties on offer to a huge international audience of potential buyers, he says.

In his report back on a recent meeting of ICREA members held in Portugal, Marais notes that there is also now a new area on the website that will contain market data for each country represented in the consortium. This will help agents to better assist SA consumers keen to invest in or relocate to other countries.

Through ICREA, SA agents are now also able to obtain several international qualifications that represent another benefit to local clients in terms of the agents’ ability to attract and deal with foreign buyers.

These include the Certificate of the International Property Specialist (CIPS), and the Transnational Referral Certification (TRC) qualifications, both of which lead to agents being placed on a database of certified professionals that can be searched by foreign investors looking to buy property in SA.

The CIPS course – which is in the process of being SAQA approved – covers marketing to diverse cultures, finding international clients, and the development of an international referral network as well as all the practical aspects of international brokerage such as capital flow, currencies and government regulations.

It is to be presented in SA at least once a year, says Marais, as is the TRC course, which is designed to help agents make and receive referrals for foreign buyers and covers the use of the ICREA referral system and related services at

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