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Value for money in Helderberg Basin

The Helderberg Basin in the Western Cape, home to such picturesque towns as Somerset West and Gordon’s Bay, remains popular among property buyers thanks to a wide choice of value-for-money properties.

Gerrit van Zyl, co-owner of the Aida franchises in these towns, says buyers and investors are currently now spoilt for choice across a wide price spectrum.

“There is a high availability of residential units in the market and properties start at prices as low as R400 000 for two-bedroom flats in Somerset West. Prices go as high as R20m in upmarket areas and reflect the quality of spectacular properties.”

He adds that there is especially good value for money in nearby Gordon’s Bay. “The town is split into two definite areas and prices reflect this division. Dobson, although it has no sea views, arguably now offers the best buys for permanent residents. Home prices here range from as little as R750 000 up to about R2m.

“Properties towards the mountain, which afford views across Bikini Bay, are very sought-after and popularity and demand push prices higher. Most homes here sell at prices of between R2m and R8m.”

However high stock levels now afford investors a good opportunity to negotiate price, Van Zyl says. “Property in the whole Helderberg Basin is expected to increase in demand in future. And an extensive new development between Macassar and Strand is expected to further boost the residential and commercial property markets of the whole region.”

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