In cape winters, it is essential to seal buildings against moisture penetration

The recent heavy winter rains at the Cape have, once again, made many property and homeowners aware that their premises are anything but 100% waterproof, says Mike Grose, CEO of the Cape headquartered Technical Finishes group, which supplies the building industry with a wide range of specialist products.

Every year, says Grose, many property owners about this time realise that they have serious moisture penetration and rising damp problems and these can be damaging to a property if they are not dealt with.

One of Technical Finishes core products, a resin and cement based treatment known as Hyseal 210, has over a period of 12 years, said Grose, proved highly effective in sealing walls, ceilings and floors against moisture exudation

The cement component is supplied in a 25kg bag to which three litres of resin is added.  When mixed it is brushed on up to 500 microns thick and it will then set within four hours.

Hyseal 210, says Grose, is 100% effective and will adhere to any brick or concrete surface if these are thoroughly cleaned.  If it is applied to a painted surface, this must be scraped to ensure that it has no flaky or loose patches.

If moisture is not prevented from exuding into the atmosphere, says Grose, it can cause the lime and salts in the structure to effloresce and form an unsightly coating on the wall surface.

Sometimes, adds Grose, the damp problem does not become apparent until the wet season has ended as the walls dry out, the moisture content makes its way to the surface.

Hyseal 210, he says, is economical and can cost as little as R5 per m² to be effective.  It can be applied by anyone provided they follow the instructions.

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Article by: Technical Finishes