Focus on Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa

The place where the sun rises

Mpumalanga, which means 'the place where the sun rises', is a province of extraordinary natural beauty. Typical of it's landscape are forests, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and panoramic passes offering magnificent scenic views.

Mpumalanga is well known for it's wildlife parks. In particular, the world renowned Kruger National Park, with several luxurious private nature reserves on it's western boundary, are literally teeming with wildlife and is one of South Africa's top tourist attractions. This is big game country where visitors can see the 'Big Five' , namely the elephant, black rhino, leopard, lion and buffalo. 'Big Five' originated from trophy hunters who termed them as being the most dangerous to hunt.

Apart from unsurpassed game viewing opportunities, visitors to Mpumalanga can enjoy bird-watching, fishing, and hiking. Other activities include canoeing, river rafting, sailing and windsurfing, not to mention, microlighting, paragliding, mountain and rock climbing. There are numerous golf courses, one of which is located within the borders of the Kruger National Park.

For the climate, the scenic and wildlife diversity, the sporting opportunities, historical sites and the cultural heritage, a journey to South Africa would not be complete without a visit to Mpumalanga.

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Witbank is situated on the highveld of Mpumalanga, South Africa. The name Witbank is Afrikaans for White Ridge and is named after a white sandstone outcrop where wagon transport drivers rested. Witbank is in the coal mining area with 22 collieries in an area no more than 40 km in any direction. There are a number of coal power stations nearby, as well as a steel mill requiring coal, Highveld Steel and Vanadium Corporation.

Witbank was established in 1890 and early attempts to exploit the coal deposits failed until the rialway from Pretoria reached the area in 1894. It was proclaimed a town in 1903 and became a municipality in 1914.

  • Trivia
    Winston Churchill, then a young soldier-journalist, hid in a colliery near Witbank after his escape from Pretoria during the Second Boer War.

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