Cell phones will become the major marketing tool in property selling

South African real estate agents, says Greeff Properties Managing Director, Graham Leslie, are entering a new era, one in which technology will increasingly play a major marketing role. Perhaps surprisingly, he adds, this means far greater use of cell phones in the future marketing of property.

“We have all grown accustomed,” said Leslie recently, “to the fact that Internet technology is now vital to any marketing effort and we all recognise the important role being played by laptops and PCs. In the year ahead, however, it will be the agent who can tie the information formerly transmitted by these services into cell phone delivery that will really score.”

Today’s more sophisticated cell phones, can give the prospective buyer virtually all the information that the agent needs to get to him and this can be done in both words and pictures.

This service, said Leslie, includes the transmission of maps and directions on how to get to the properties concerned, photographs and details of the interiors and exteriors, comparative recent sale prices in the area, the terms and conditions of the sale and quick text or telephoned answers to queries.

“Today’s cell phone service can almost rival actually visiting a show house - and the information transmissible on a service will, we believe, cut out a great deal of fruitless visiting by giving buyers a chance to preview properties.”

This advanced technology, said Leslie, will not eliminate the need for the services of a good agent.

“At a many points in the sale process,” he said, “the buyer will need to ask questions and receive authorative answers. It is impossible for people who have operated in different sectors all their life to become property experts overnight - they must have a reputable agent and a good conveyancer at their side if they are to avoid the mistakes and many pitfalls that can beset any property buyer.

“Nevertheless, the cell phone/Internet connectivity available today is making the buyer far better informed and far more discerning and we are already beginning to see the effects of this in the market.”

Article by: www.Greeff.co.za