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Home Decor Trends 2009

Revamp your home with the latest colour trends and decorating schemes for the New Year.

Trends include; Updated Neutrals, Hollywood Glamour, Faded Grandeur, Modern Victorian, Continental Brights, New Retro, Coastal Style and Country House.

Updated Neutrals

Neutral colours, especially those with warm tones, are a lasting decorating favourite, as they are easy on the eye can be used to create a sense of calm. They are also versatile, working just as well in a one bedroom flat as in a 5 bedroom house.

This season, cosy creams and warm whites are joined by chalky grey, gentle light brown and soothing pale green, which will help add depth to your scheme.

Texture also comes to the fore this season, so adorn your home with embellished throws, softly sculptured rugs, rustic ceramics and roughly cut wood to create a charming, relaxed ambience.

  • Avoid stark whites and opt for soft creams and beiges with touches of chalky pastels.
  • Use texture to prevent your room from looking bland. Go for natural fibres, such as wicker, wood, canvas and wool.
  • Mix old and new furniture and introduce distressed surfaces, such as textured paint finishes and cracked leather. Revamp tired pieces with soft-tones paint.
  • Add impact with comfy couches and big armchairs. Plump scatter cushions in leather, soft wool or velvet will complete the look.

Hollywood Glamour

This sophisticated look is a move from the monochrome trend that has been popular for a while now. Black and white are still the basics of the scheme, but furniture is more glamorous and is inspired by 1930’s Hollywood. Metallic and mirrored pieces and black lacquered surfaces are teamed with sparkling glass and crystal accessories for an elegant feel.

  • Walls should be painted in either clean white or dark and dramatic grey to ensure that furniture makes a statement.
  • Luxurious flooring is best, with either fluffy carpets or monochromatic sculptured rugs. Fabrics should be luxurious and elegant, such as Egyptian cotton bed linen with black and white detailing.
  • Choose statement furniture in glass, mirror or shiny lacquer for sleek streamlined glamour. Add some crystal detailing to upholstered pieces.
  • Showy accessories will stand out against a rooms’ simple black and white backdrop. Display crystal ornaments and diamante covered cushions alongside Hollywood inspired prints in black and white in mirrored picture frames.

Faded Grandeur

For those who want to bring a sense of romance and history into their homes, but who aren’t antique fans, this trend of stylishly mixing old and new is ideal. Cherished hand-me-downs and personal treasures sit alongside new buys. This easy-to-achieve yet glamorous style involves mixing lots of different patterns, shapes and colours with confidence and flair.

  • Opt for a muted shade of paint, such as, plum or dusky pink. Alternatively choose wallpaper with opulent charm or a metallic sheen to add shimmer to your room.
  • Cover the floor with decorative rugs or a soft sumptuous carpet.
  • When it comes to furniture, go for a mixture of old couches covered in a luxurious canvas and painted second-hand piece.
  • Accessories are key to this look, as they are the treasures that add a sense of personality and style. Embroidery, mirrors and cushions will give any room an indulgent feel.

Modern Victorian

Rather than the cold bottle greens, sombre reds and deep brown woodwork that played a huge part in the traditional, this new interpretation makes way for vivid hues of pink, purple and turquoise, with decedent touches of gold in the accessories. Velvet textures, luxurious detailing and inventive trims finish the look.

  • Make a statement by using a deep, dramatic colour on the walls. Try decedent shades of purple, blue and pink, either using paint or bold printed or embossed wallpaper.
  • Go for big bold furniture with cosy wingback chairs, overstuffed couches and large buttoned footstools in velvet. Team with tables covered in ornaments.
  • Ornate accessories are the perfect finishing touch for this look. Add highly patterned cushions, candlesticks and patterned china for a comfortably cluttered feel.
  • No Victorian look would be complete without fringing. Look for interesting ways to display it, such as, a trim on a footstool or a tassel around floor-length curtains.

Continental Brights

For a vibrant scheme in your home, use bold blocks of bright colours, strong patterns and unfussy furniture that is inspired by contemporary Continental style. Be bold and add splashes of colour to your home.

New Retro

Retro becomes more polished with favourite furniture and bold patterns now being teamed with streamline key pieces for a fresher, slicker feel. Step back in time to create a smart, trendy scheme.

Coastal Style

Refresh your home using the cool colour palette of coastal chic, with icy white and bright blues playing the biggest roles. With its mix of checks and stripes, this summery style is ideal if you want easy-living decor. Accessories with different shades of blue.

Country House

Go for the quintessential English style with the country house look. Perfect for older homes, it combines an eclectic mix of patterns, textures and rich warm colour. Create a refined interior with cosy furnishings.

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