Institute of Estate Agents needs more members

Although the Western Cape Institute of Estate Agents is one of the Institutes most successful regions in South Africa, it urgently needs more members, says Sandy Walsh, the Institute’s training manager.

“We have more than 1730 members and with the steady recovery in the residential real estate sector we are seeing the numbers rise monthly – but our goal is to have at least 2000 members,” she says.

Why should an estate agent join the Institute?

Walsh listed four main reasons, all of which, she said, have grown and changed in importance in the 73 years that the Institute has been in operation.  These reasons are:

  1. The Institute supports and, where necessary, lobbies and fights for members.  The more members it has the more it will be able to speak with a truly representative voice to government and municipal bodies.
  1. The Institute, by spearheading or, in some cases, guiding both the legally required and general training courses, is helping to make Western Cape agents among the best qualified and most competent in SA.  Being represented through their chairman, Ivan Neethling, on all the relevant national boards (and chairing the EAAB Property Forum) the Institute is, too, helping to plot the course real estate education is taking.

“Only recently, says Walsh, “has the public begun to grasp how radically different – and more professional – the required qualifications will make our agents.  We are taking a quantum leap forward which will result in the agents who do qualify receiving the respect they deserve.  The Institute is on the frontline of providing guidance and support to members so that they embrace the process of professionalising themselves, their businesses and their organisations.”

  1. The Institute facilitates networking with the other agents and this can greatly improve sales and other opportunities.
  1. The Institute provides members with free access to effective market statistics through its market intelligence tool, PropStats.
  1. The Institute gives credibility and status to its members.  The general public, said Walsh, are increasingly aware that members have to act in accordance with a code of conduct and are accountable to the Institute.  This, she says, gives them a certain initial confidence in the agent.

For further information contact Sandy Walsh on 021 531 3180 or email

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