Cape Town's established Southern Suburbs still considered blue chip by most investors, says Vineyard Estates CEO

While he is “absolutely convinced” that despite lower interest rates and other favourable signs, the Cape property market still has half a year to go before it is in a real upturn phase, those who say it is lacking in life simply do not know what is in fact happening “out there”, says Anton du Plessis, CEO of Vineyard Estates, which is headquartered in Claremont, opposite Arderne Gardens, and focuses on a relatively small area: Upper Claremont, Kenilworth, Bishopscourt, Rondebosch, Newlands and Upper Constantia.

His own fairly small team, said du Plessis, had recently sold R21,1 million worth of residential property in just under seven weeks.

One of the reasons for this success, he believes, is that the agents in small agencies, with limited stock portfolios can give each individual property more time and attention than is possible for agents working with bigger portfolios. They are, says du Plessis, also able focus only on realistically priced and saleable homes and do not accept for sale houses that the client insists on overpricing.

“Much has been said about the great value of the big agencies’ branding and referral benefits and there is no doubt that these do confer an advantage. However, small niche agencies, with portfolios in which agents handle perhaps only five to eight properties, are still in a position to give hands-on service at a really high level. That is the first reason for our steady, ongoing sales.

“The second reason is that these traditional Southern Suburb homes have always been seen – and I believe always will be – as the bluest of the blue chip stock in the SA residential market. Homes here have resisted the price falls and the fluctuations better than any other area in South Africa – and they continue to be seen by the majority of potential buyers as the safest and most convenient housing available almost anywhere in SA.”

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