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Shelley Point’s property responds to buy-in by Mauritian group

The move by Mauritian based Dale Capital Partners to purchase – and manage – the country club, hotel and spa at Shelley Point, has given a huge boost to property throughout the 149ha estate, says Gert Joubert, Shelley Point’s developer.

“Throughout the recession Shelley Point has continued to sell steadily but not fast,” said Joubert. “Now it is no exaggeration to say that there is a new excitement on this section of the West Coast and a feeling that big things are happening. This has resulted in a noticeable upswing in the number of enquiries for properties.”

People who last visited the Shelley Point estate three or four years ago, said Joubert, are astounded at the progress that has been made. This includes some R70 million worth of building for the central facilities which have now been acquired by Dale Capital with further large sums set to be spent.

There are, says Joubert, only some 160 new plots (with an average size of 500m2) left to sell at Shelley Point, along with an unspecified number of resale plots. To date over 1 000 plots have been bought and on these some 32% now have buildings.

The majority of plot prices are pitched in the R449 000 to R789 000 but the better beachfront erven regularly now fetch R2 million.

All homes at Shelley Point have to conform to a specified white wall black roof style which has ensured a pleasing conformity and a strict maintenance of high standards. Not one house on the estate, says Claudia Strydom of the Shelley Point sales team, detracts from the overall impression – a very unusual situation on an estate of this size. It has been estimated that since the launch some eleven years ago the price of an average property on this development has increased by a factor of ten, a growth rate which, it is said, is unequalled anywhere else in the Western Cape.

Speaking earlier this year to other prospective investors, Joubert said that the reasons why Shelley Point has caught on, apart from the architectural specifications already mentioned have bee

  • the very tight security: with two thirds of the estate fronting onto the sea at Britannia and St Helena Bay, it has been possible to fence off the eastern boundary and allow access through only two entrances, both of which are manned round-the-clock. Security patrols on the estate also take place day and night.
  • the golf course. This is now in pristine condition after years of careful nurturing and watering. The new country club owners plan to double up the size of the course to 18 holes and they have already appointed designers to draw up a feasibility study.
  • the landscaping. Gert Joubert has spent some 4% of his gross domestic income from Shelley Point on landscaping and plantings: there are now over 1 000 palms, almost all automatically irrigated, along the boulevards and elsewhere in the estate and in general Strandveld flowerbeds have been created at strategic points.

Norman Noland, the purchaser of the hotel related facilities at Shelley Point said in an initial interview that the very high standard of Shelley Point homes makes it comparable with any resort of this kind in Mauritius or indeed in any of the other territories where Dale Capital and its associates work.

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