The Princess and the Froggi - A fairytale about Exclusivity and Availability.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, elegant, intelligent, independent princess that was looking for a matching prince suitable to win her hand in marriage. To find a suitable suitor, the king hosted a masked costume ball where guests would come in costumes of their own choosing and vie for her hand in marriage.

The king invited the whole kingdom and neighbouring royalty too in an attempt to find the one man worthy for his daughter. All young unmarried maidens were also invited. In an attempt to prevent just anybody from asking for her hand in marriage, and so as to better circulate and see the true character of the man she sought, the princess disguised herself cleverly. Knowing that all the maidens would choose to come in a costume of a princess she chose to come disguised as a princess too.

The palace boasted many ballrooms but the eligible men, including foreign royalty, were only allowed to choose a single ballroom in which to dance but once chosen were not allowed to change ballrooms. As was the custom in that kingdom the men would have to pay a dowry based on which ballroom they chose. Some were very expensive and would exact a tremendous dowry while others were less so and would exact a lesser dowry.

All the maidens were exceptionally beautiful and much dancing and wooing took place. There was fierce competition amongst the maidens and they went to great lengths to attract the attention of possible suitors by dancing and flirting outrageously.

The princess started out in the most exclusive ballroom and danced with all possible suitors hoping to elicit an offer for her hand in marriage. As she circulated she noticed that the men and women acted in a predictable fashion. The more men she danced with and the harder she tried to entice the men into asking for her hand in marriage, the less interested the men became until there wasn't a single man in the first ballroom that was willing to make her an offer.

The princes had to move to a ballroom of lesser status where the same happened again. Dancing, flirting and wooing followed by rejection. The princess finally found herself at the very last ballroom with the lowest status and the least dowry. She now realized that there was a balance between availability and exclusivity that seemed to drive the offers of the men. Those that seemed easily available did not receive offers easily while those that seemed aloof and exclusive received untold offers.

But having danced and flirted desperately all night there was no man left that was willing to ask for her hand in marriage. Except one. A strange man dressed in a froggi costume in the final ballroom. He had chosen this ballroom because he was astute and patient and knew he would find his true love here. He had not asked her to dance at all until he noticed the look of desperation on her face. Not knowing that she was the princess but realizing that she was of exceptional beauty, elegance and intelligence which was very desirable to him, he quickly made an offer of marriage to this beauty that had been passed over so many times before.

The princess was devastated by having to accept this very last offer from the final suitor in the very last ballroom, but accept it she did as she was afraid that she would be left on the shelf forever. The froggi had to pay a measly few coins as dowry for this beautiful princess.

The two were married shortly thereafter and on their wedding night the man dressed as a froggi revealed himself to the princess (no, not like that). As the princess laid a gentle kiss on her newly married husband the froggi dropped his costume and revealed the handsome prince that he was - a handsome prince from the neighbouring kingdom with untold riches for. Not only that but he was so in love with his princess, and having saved all that money on the dowry, he was able to lavish attention and gifts and cosmetic surgery on her to such an extent that all the men that had previously rejected the princess would rue having passed up on this wonderful opportunity.

The moral of the story: The princess finally gets her froggi after learning the laws of exclusivity and availability and the froggi gets a princess at a bargain price.

For those that need a translation for the property market: Substitute 'agents, mandates, and show-days' for 'dancing, flirting and wooing'; Substitute 'ballrooms' for 'price' and 'cosmetic surgery' for 'renovations'.


And they lived happily ever after.

Article by: Dave Welmans - (