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Make your kitchen the main attraction

If there's one thing that everyone who visits your show house will definitely look at, it's the kitchen, so it's really worth "staging" this room to look its very best.

In fact, buyers all want a kitchen that's better than the one they have, so a good-looking kitchen could just be your deal-maker - with the following expert tips to give you a head start:

* Keep it neutral. You may find an orange kitchen inspiring, but potential buyers may well find the bold colour overpowering and walk away without noticing how great the kitchen actually is. So it's better to pick neutral colours as far as possible for walls, floors, cabinets, countertops and any curtains or blinds.

* Try to make sure your appliances "match". Buyers may be put off if you have a black stove, a white fridge and a yellow dishwasher all in the same space, so buying some appliance paint to make them all white, grey or another neutral colour may be a good investment.

* Get rid of all clutter and personal items like photos or memos attached to the front of the fridge. Pack away items like toasters, mixers and slow-cookers and as a rule-of-thumb leave only two items on the countertop, such as the kettle and a bowl of fruit.

* Clean 'till it gleams. Scrub every nook and cranny of the kitchen from top to bottom, including the tops of cabinets and the fridge, under the edges of counters, the walls behind the fridge and the stove, and the cupboard under the sink. Even if you never look there, buyers will, and they'll inevitably find any dirt or grease you've missed.

* Don't burn any candles in the kitchen or spray any air fresheners that smell like vanilla, cinnamon, coffee or other food items. Buyers may be allergic or may just not like your choice so again, rather just keep things neutral, clean and fresh.