Happy Birthday The Home Channel

Exciting new shows scheduled for The Home Channel

It’s been two years since The Home Channel launched on DStv Channel 55. During this time, the channel premiered a host of international shows for the South African market. Just think of all time favourite Debbie Travis’ Facelift, Holmes on Homes and neat, to name a few.

Now with viewership having steadily increased to almost half a million unique viewers every weekend, The Home Channel strives to give viewers what they’ve asked for in a comprehensive survey conducted in November 2006.

Some of the exciting new shows coming to The Home Channel soon are:

Take It Outside

Take It Outside is an interior design makeover series with a twist -- it takes place outside!

We spend so much of our lives indoors, and so often in one room of our home: the family room, the living room, or the kitchen. But there's a whole gorgeous world waiting outdoors. In each episode designer Kelly Deck transforms outside spaces, and lives, by creating spectacular outdoor versions of our most-used indoor rooms. It’s life as usual, but made better with the fresh air, sunshine and mother-nature as a backdrop.

Kelly cleverly brings the styles and trends of the design world to innovative outdoor rooms, from new ideas in weatherproofing, to stylish outdoor furniture designs. Her personal tips also showcase that transforming underused outdoor spaces is easy and accessible.

In traditional makeover style, homeowners return to find their outside spaces transformed, incorporating all their needs into practical, livable and gorgeous spaces, outside! Life as usual, but better, because we Take It Outside!

* Scheduled for broadcast June 2007

Room For Improvement

There are surprises aplenty as the Room For Improvement team perform clever, practical and spectacular transformations in just two days all within a minimal home renovating budget.

Top design tips as the team converts, renovates and revamps. An old store room becomes a sensational indoor / outdoor entertainment area. A cluttered rumpus room turns into an affordable home theatre for the whole family and messy garages are revamped into home offices, dream studios and fantastic kids’ retreats packed with goodies.

Join our carpenter, designer, handyman and artist for the complete “Before to After” journey: The briefing, the plans, the clean out, the main structural issues, the overall aesthetics and the all important finishing touches.

Enjoy the emotion and amazement as home owners receive the gift of a brand new room – and a brand new lifestyle. Good ideas, practical know-how, sensational results. The experts really show us how to make dreams come true.

* Scheduled for broadcast June 2007

Ann Maurice: Interior Rivalry

Having shot to international fame as TV’s “house doctor”, Ann Maurice comes to The Home Channel with a brand new reality-décor show. She takes no prisoners in her search to find Britain's best home stager.

Thousands applied for the chance to win her £50,000 prize package, but there can be only one winner. Follow Ann and her experts as they whittle down the finalists. Each week they face a new challenge, working hard to transform living rooms, kitchens, gardens and finally whole houses on the tightest of budgets, while proving to Ann that they have the drive and acumen to win clients and create a new business.

* Scheduled for broadcast September 2007

Hammered with John & Jimmy DiResta

Jimmy DiResta can make anything and John DiResta can make anything hilarious in this half-hour of hard-core building. Get tips for building projects from Jimmy and laughs from John as the brothers come up with ideas for fun projects, from aquariums to benches to a novelty mailbox shaped like John.

* Scheduled for broadcast September 2007

20 Ways

Presented by décor and property experts Justin Ryan and Colin McAllister of How Not to Decorate-fame, the 20 Ways series is your ultimate guide to avoiding those property-related pitfalls.

Each episode is packed with information, tips and advice (and a good dose of wit) on aspects of property, interior design and the things we’ve all loved to hate when we’ve had the builders in.

The programs incorporate interviews with ‘talking heads’ ranging from celebrities to experts who will give opinions, tell stories and share their experiences.

*Scheduled for broadcast September 2007

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