News from - Barry Davies, CEO of Chas Everitt Franchising

Recipe for success in tough property market

Tougher conditions in the real estate market have driven many smaller estate agencies to the wall, and many independent agents have either left the market or joined large real estate groups.

But, says Barry Davies, CEO of Chas Everitt Franchising, the group’s offices are holding their own.

“Our franchisees’ performance is particularly pleasing in this difficult market since it underlines our philosophy of sustainable business models that will weather all market conditions – the good as well as the bad,” he says.

The group has developed and implemented several distinctive and proprietary systems that gives depth to its offering to franchisees, Davies says.

“These include a broad internet marketing strategy. We have implemented a unique system to drive leads from a central source to individual agents and agencies. Agents are enabled to respond quickly, which not only helps them to capture market share, but also builds generic confidence in the brand among property consumers who receive quick and efficient service.”

He adds that the group has developed a uniform operating system supported by strong infrastructure that enables agents to concentrate on their core business, namely bringing buyers and sellers together.

“Regular contact and interaction with our offices countrywide are a vital component of our franchise model. The group has therefore instituted weekly office visits and business consulting to support our franchisees and keep them up to date with all relevant developments in the industry. This enables them to react quickly to market challenges,” Davies says.

“And to ensure best practice throughout our network, we have implemented an international benchmarking system. All these elements combine to give our offices a firm footing in a market that has seen many others leave the industry.”

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