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High-performance cost-effective green design training - By Bill Reed.

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The most effective green building projects don’t buy their greenness by tacking on features but rather use a different approach to design and management

The Integrative Design Process (IDP) is how these projects save money and time while increasing building performance and is one of the most important aspects of creating a cost-effective high-performance green building. Come hear from one of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners of Integrative Design, who will share his expertise on how to save cost and create better performing buildings by getting all of the design team members working together from early in the design process.

An integrated design process (IDP) produces cost effective, high performance, elegant design.
So why is it the exception rather than the rule?
What is the difference between Conventional Practice and an IDP?
Where are the opportunity points to leverage green strategies?

The course will cover the philosophy and practical aspects of IDP

  • Cost and integrative cost bundling issues
  • Systems thinking
  • Timing for input
  • Team relationships and structure
  • Design process mapping

Join us for this workshop which uses the research and design process findings that sourced the recent book by Seven Group and Bill Reed, The Integrative Design Guide to Green Building:
Redefining the Practice of Sustainability.

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Green Commercial Interiors Seminar - By Digby Hall

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A " must-attend " for all designers working with commercial interiors!!

This course offers an in-depth discussion of the ins and outs of designing green commercial interior spaces. Using his extensive practical experience from commercial projects in Australia, Digby Hall will provide insights into everything from site selection, design criteria, and materials specification all the way to managing the relationship with the building owner and lease considerations. He will give practical examples and provide useful how-to information.

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