South Africa 'still benefiting' from World Cup

South Africa is continuing to capitalise on the recent World Cup event, claims a real estate company.

Pure Holiday Homes believes that the sporting event has helped to boost the country's international profile and attracted a number of investors as well as holidaymakers.

Over the past six months, the company has seen a strong increase in the number of rental home enquiries and this could be further boosted if more people discover cheap flights to South Africa.

The African Response's World Cup visitor survey concluded that nine out of ten visitors to South Africa would recommend the country as an ideal destination, especially as the country has benefitted from the investments in infrastructure as a result of the World Cup.

Joint chief executive officer of Pure Holiday Homes, Sean Collins, said: "There will be long lasting effects and increases to the tourism rate, due to the massive exposure the country has had over the last few months."

Meanwhile, South Africa's national under-17 women's football team are set to become the first South African female team to play in the Women's FIFA World Cup this weekend.

Article by: Ruth Norris -