Michael Bauer sets up new sectional title forum

When a recognised expert on sectional title matters takes it on himself to answer as many of the queries from the general public as he can find time to handle, this can become a very onerous and time-consuming task.

This is what has happened over the last year or so to Michael Bauer, General Manager of IHFM, the sectional title management company. So widespread and recognised has Bauer’s reputation become and such is the confusion that still surrounds certain matters in the sectional title industry, that Bauer, who now also runs a weekly online newsletter, finds himself having to spend many hours a week, giving advice to those enquiring about general sectional title matters.

Many of the questions, said Bauer, crop up time and again or are related to other answers that he has given previously.

This being the case, Bauer has now started a sectional title forum called www.sectionaltitlesa.co.za. This is fully interactive and is already leading to serious discussions on sectional title matters. The website provides sectional title advice and property news and covers frequently asked questions in sectional title. Free downloads of sample forms and notices relevant for trustees of bodies corporate, a business directory providing a list of suppliers are available, and soon a sectional title blog and online newsletter will be started. The website and the blog will be accessible from mobile phones, enabling easy access.

The information given in this way, said Bauer, is available to any member of the public any time and anywhere even if he has no PC, he can access information through the latest mobile phones. Bauer anticipates that this system should in the long run greatly reduce the number of general enquiries with which he has to deal.

Article from: www.sectionaltitlesa.co.za