Leave show day to the experts

On the face of it, the layman could be forgiven for thinking that putting a house on show is as simple as placing an advertisement or two, putting out a few “on show” signs and sweeping the driveway.

In truth, showing a home is far more involved than that and requires the expert attention of a qualified estate agent says Martin Schultheiss, CEO of the Homenet/ Harcourts group

“There are many aspects that need to be considered when holding a showday and sellers need to co-operate with their agent if they want to fast-track a sale.

“For instance, homeowners tend to underestimate the importance of not being present in the house on a show day. But experienced agents know that the owners’ presence can put potential buyers off asking questions, expressing opinions or lingering to really look at the property as they feel they are being invasive.

“Those who are interested in the property will also feel more free to ‘dream’ – to discuss where they would place their own furniture, suggest what alterations they would make and think about re-decorating – if the current owner of the home is not around.”

Having too many people in the house can also make the property feel smaller, says Schultheiss. “But a good estate agent knows ways of showing a house to its best advantage. Tricks of the trade include not allowing passages to become jammed with people and choosing a viewing route that starts and ends with the best room in the house. A savvy estate agent also knows not to enter a small room with the buyers.”

He adds that an estate agent will be able to fathom a potential buyer’s intent and address their concerns in an objective fashion, as opposed to the homeowner who will by default be emotionally involved.

“In short it’s in the homeowner’s best interests to leave the showing up to the estate agent. Come showday, sellers should just take the day off and go on that long-awaited day trip to the countryside or visit friends or family. The results will speak for themselves.”

Article by: www.homenet.co.za