Come join in the party, as the Home Channel comes of age.

The month of May is not only the first birthday of The Home Channel, but also brings with it a whole new season of top notch programmes. The Home Channel is a first in South African television, recognising the growing interest in all things related to the home – from design and décor to home improvement and gardening, from investing in property to bringing order to your home.

We celebrate with three Designer Guys instead of two, as Steven and Chris bow out – for now – to make way for three of Toronto’s most prolific designers. Allen Chan, Matt Davis and Anwar Mukhayesh specialise in architectural, interior, landscape and industrial design. Following in the entertaining and expert footsteps of Steven and Chris, in each episode Allen, Matt and Anwar, transform a lucky homeowner’s space by fusing interior design with architectural, industrial and landscape elements, often incorporating other art influences as well. They’re doing all of this with the same zany enthusiasm that the show always gives – with a few new kicks on the side as well.

We shift gears from the over-the-top designers to the neat freaks, as Hellen Buttigieg returns with NEAT. Ready to show us how to turn our mess into an organised bliss, Hellen continues to reshuffle the unruly and make people’s lives manageable and clutter free.

Then we head ‘down under’ to check out Location Location Amazing Homes. This show allows us peek inside some of Australia's most beautiful, bizarre and unique homes. Host Deborah Hutton takes us on a ride from the decadence of multi-million dollar houses belonging to the rich and famous to quirky, rustic residences lovingly designed by their owners.

And that’s not all! The Home Channel also brings you the gardening show Ground Breakers. Hosted by Joe Washington, the show follows the spectacular transformation of ordinary yards into magnificent outdoor living spaces. Each episode is a guided tour of a landscaping project that can take four to six months to complete.

So tune in to The Home Channel if you need inspiration. You won’t be disappointed.

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Article By: Mboniso Sigonyela -