Position Purpose and Profile

Position Purpose and Profile

The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) is looking for a Marketing, Membership & Events Coordinator to oversee the development and management of the membership base as well as to coordinate the Marketing & Events function for this growing organisation.

Green building (energy-efficient, resource-efficient and environmentally responsible building) is a rapidly growing global trend and GBC's worldwide are at the forefront of promoting this. The GBCSA is an independent, non-profit organisation with corporate members from all sectors of the property and construction industries. A high level Board, dynamic management team and close ties with the World GBC and the GBC of Australia are enabling us to fast track the process.

The main functions of the GBCSA are to:

1. Promote and raise awareness of green building,
2. Make knowledge and resources available to assist those that want to implement green building,
3. Provide green building education, and
4. Establish and operate a green building rating system for South Africa

The GBCSA is a membership-based organization which derives its revenue from membership fees, sponsorships, events, training courses, and green building assessments.

The GBCSA team currently includes the following positions:

  • CEO - to oversee GBCSA operations,
  • PA - to assist senior management,
  • Technical Executive & 2 Technical Coordinators - to develop and manage the rating tools, knowledge hub and related activities,
  • Education & Training Manager - to manage all education and training courses offered or facilitated by the GBCSA (future position),
  • Marketing Executive - to manage high-level stakeholder engagement and oversee the marketing strategy (future position),
  • Marketing, Membership & Events Coordinator - to carry out the marketing strategy, coordinate the communication with the public, membership base and other stakeholders and manage events,
  • Membership Administrator - to administer membership applications, administration and queries, and
  • Bookkeeper - to carry out the accounting function.

A great deal of council work is carried out by volunteer committees / working groups or paid consultants, where necessary. The GBCSA team manages and coordinates these committees / working groups and consultants.

The Marketing, Membership & Events Coordinator is a pivotal member of the GBCSA team and therefore needs to be a highly efficient, dynamic, skilled individual who works well as part of a small team. The Marketing, Membership & Events Coordinator plays a leading role in carrying out Council marketing strategies and programmes, ensuring sponsorship agreements are adhered to, and liaising with members and prospective members. Other important elements of the role will be coordinating all GBCSA events, including the annual GBCSA conference.

This is an opportunity to take up a key position in a young and dynamic organisation at the forefront of global property trends and the battle against climate change. The position will be based at the GBCSA offices in Rondebosch, Cape Town.

Reports to

Marketing Executive & CEO

Principal Duties and Responsibilities


In conjunction with the Marketing Executive, compile and implement a membership strategy to attract and retain members, by:

  • Planning a membership drive to achieve new membership and renewals targets, including a strategy to target key potential members
  • Ensure membership invoices and renewal letters are issued timeously and followed up
  • Ensure member applications and payments are processed promptly
  • Ensure membership information packs are issued and updated
  • Cultivate membership leads
  • Expand and update membership contacts on the database
  • Develop the membership database into an efficient and effective CRM system
  • Manage the liaison with members on all issues relating to their membership
  • Track and report on membership growth and diversity

Marketing & PR

  • In conjunction with the Marketing Executive, develop, implement and monitor a marketing strategy to promote the GBCSA to the public, its members and other stakeholders
  • In conjunction with the management team and Marketing Executive, oversee the content, quality, layout and design of the website and ensure it is kept up to date and optimally structured
  • Manage the compilation and distribution of the regular e-newsletter and contribute to the content thereof
  • Manage the production of any required marketing or advertising material, including print, electronic or direct mail
  • Manage the communication with any advertising agencies, designers, website consultants and other promotional agencies on ongoing campaigns
  • In conjunction with PR consultants, ensure regular newsworthy press releases are compiled and disseminated
  • Manage the performance of any PR consultants and other service providers in line with service level agreements


  • Coordinate the logistics of all GBCSA events, including the marketing thereof
  • Oversee and attend GBCSA functions
  • In conjunction with the Technical Executive and Education & Training Manager, coordinate and market educational training courses and other events
  • In conjunction with the Marketing Executive, management team and external events organisers, manage the planning and execution of the annual GBCSA Convention & Exhibition


  • Assist the Marketing Executive and management team with the compilation of sponsorship proposals and presentations
  • Assist with the identification and securing of sponsors for GBCSA activities, events and projects
  • Support the Marketing Executive in managing relationships with existing and new sponsors, including providing regular feedback in various forms eg reports, presentations, roadshows
  • Ensure adherence to sponsorship agreements by the GBCSA and the relevant sponsor


  • Assist with the development and management of the Membership, Marketing and Events budgets
  • Represent the GBCSA at public forums, including making presentations
  • Preparation of updates or reports for the GBCSA Board, Management Team or for
  • Contributing to GBCSA's management team activities from general office duties to management team meetings

Performance Indicators

  • Number of members, membership growth and diversity
  • Membership satisfaction surveys
  • Quality and content of marketing material, including the website and e-newsletters
  • Relevant press coverage achieved
  • Attendance numbers at GBCSA events
  • Feedback and satisfaction surveys after events

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Excellent marketer and events manage
  • Financially literate and able to manage the budgeting process
  • Strong customer relationship experience and focus
  • Highly proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint
  • Good presentation skills
  • Excellent written, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Skills in running task-focused groups such as committees
  • Ability to work as a key member of a small team
  • Good time management and ability to multi-task
  • Dynamic and adaptable to change
  • A passion for the green agenda

Minimum Job Qualifications Required

  • Tertiary qualification in Marketing or similar, OR
  • Tertiary qualification in environmental science, sustainable development or similar, AND
  • Minimum of 3 years Marketing or Events Management experience, preferably in the property industry or sustainable development

To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to Nicola Douglas at the Green Building Council of South Africa at nicola.douglas@gbcsa.org.za by 15 October 2010.

Article by: www.gbcsa.org.za