Planning a holiday this summer?

A security alarm system is an important part of your home security plan. In addition to your alarm, there are many things you should be aware of, that will help you to strengthen your safety campaign with your next holiday.

A quality deadbolt lock on all perimeter doors is always your first line of defense. A door is most often the point of entry for an intruder. If you just moved in to your home or business, you should change the key cylinders on all locks, as you don't know who has a copy of the key.

Burglars hate light. You should replace outside perimeter lighting with motion activated lamps. These are very inexpensive these days and readily available at most hardware and electronic stores.
Place timers on a few of your inside lights to give the appearance that someone is home. It is always smart to vary the time every few days so that a pattern is not realized, if you are being cased.

If your last name is posted on your mailbox, a burglar can get your listed phone number from information. By ringing your phone with no answer, they would be able to assume that you are not home.

Turn down the volume on your answering machine so that burglars can't hear that no one's home if the phone should ring.

Don't hide keys outside your home, as they will be found. Leave a spare with a trusted neighbour instead. Advice Chubb in writing who they can contact before you go on holiday

Remove or place a light on shrubs that can easily conceal a waiting burglar from site.

Get security signs from your Chubb dealer and stick them on walls and windows where they can be seen. Make sure that passing burglars know that you are protected.

Remove all address information from your parked car at the airport. Anyone who breaks into your vehicle would know you are not home and have your address and garage door opener.

Ensure that all valuables and spare keys are locked away.

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