Lifestyle Tips | CyberProp | 3-25

  • Best Holiday Home Regions in SA

    For most South Africans, the idea of purchasing a holiday home is nothing more than a hopeful dream in our current economic climate; but, that doesn’t make it any less fun to think about.
  • How easy (or hard) is it to get off the grid?

    It’s never been a hotter dinner table topic: making your house as energy efficient as possible and less reliant on Eskom and municipal electricity.
  • 7 things you should not put at the entrance of your home

    The entrance hall of the house is a very special place—not only is it one of the most visible areas, but also the place where people welcome and say goodbyes.
  • Your First Home: Beautiful Basics and Multitaskers for Every Room

    Here’s what to choose and what to avoid when outfitting a new house
  • How to become a zero-waste household

    According to GreenCape’s Waste Economy: Market Intelligence Report 2017, 65% of the waste (around 38 million tonnes) that South Africa creates is recyclable.
  • Finding the ideal coastal investment

    Much debate surrounds the topic of whether or not a holiday home is a viable investment, especially when you consider the costs involved in maintaining and managing a second property.
  • Water Wise Container Gardens

    Container gardens are popular for enhancing the appearance of indoor and outdoors spaces. And containers themselves can serve as eye-catching focal points. Growing plants in containers is considered a water wise practice, providing certain guidelines
  • The Pantone Colors That Will Be Trending In 2018

    From powerful pink to minion yellow, these are the hues you can look forward to seeing in home design next year.
  • How to decorate stylishly with hand-me-down furniture

    Very few homeowners can afford to purchase an entire house worth of furniture and décor in one go, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up on having a stylish and well-integrated interior.
  • How important is security in the rental market?

    Security has been a major influence in property buying decisions, with South Africans among the most security-conscience home buyers in the world.
  • 12 kitchen islands you'll want to copy

    The kitchen island is a necessary tool to enhance space and maximise storage in any kitchen, regardless of its size. In this homify feature, we look at 12 kitchen islands that are perfectly inspirational, from colour, detail and design.
  • Space to live in a small home

    When you live in a small home, you need to embrace the space and make the most of what you have. Love the home you live in!
  • Climate control for the smart home

    ‘Home' for most people is a great deal more than a place to sleep and eat. It's a place where families gather, where people relax and curl up to watch television or sit down to a meal together.
  • Nine ways to have a healthier home

    Greening your home is no longer just a buzz phrase, especially when one thinks of the cost of electricity and the recent water shortages we’ve had.
  • Baby Boomers vs Gen-X vs Millennials - how they find their homes

    According to Tony Clarke, MD of the Rawson Property Group, while the three main groups of homebuyers currently active in SA's housing market have many preferences in common, they also have definite differences when it comes to choosing a new home.
  • Are you prepared for the December holidays?

    It is that time of the year again when we all focus on planning our December holidays, and counting down the days till we can take the much needed break.
  • Ten things you should know before painting a room

    A simple lick of paint can transform an entire room. Whether you are revamping your home or preparing to place your house on the market, you have plenty to gain from refreshing your walls.

    By the time October comes, the much-loved South African summer is well underway, and while it is getting warmer, there is a lot to do in the garden.
  • Big ideas for small spaces

    The high demand for accommodation in South Africa and especially in security estates, means high density housing solutions like apartment blocks or townhouse complexes have become increasingly popular.
  • Cost-effective Ways to Keep Warm in Winter

    It’s a disheartening fact: winter can give our wallets a serious wallop. We all want to keep that icy bite at bay, and that typically means adopting various habits (like putting heating devices on the maximum setting) that run up our costs.
  • What to Unpack First in Your New Home

    Where are the towels? Which box holds the can opener? Who packed the cat food? When you're surrounded by boxes, what you need is a strategy.
  • How to save electricity in your home this winter

    It’s that time of year again – the sweltering days of summer are fast fading into crisp autumn evenings and winter is just a blink away.
  • Cost Effective Way to Heat Your Home This Winter

    Most South African homes are designed with tiled floors, open verandas and large windows to help keep them cool in the warm South African climate.
  • When is it enough when it comes to décor?

    Tasteful décor not only reflects your personality but also adds style and warmth to your home. Décor can however make a home feel cluttered if you fill it with too many objects, on the other hand too many open spaces and walls can create...
  • How to Tackle Downsizing in 5 Steps

    Don’t let the thought of downsizing strike terror in your heart. All you need is a smart strategy … and we’ve got it!
  • Subsidies available for low-income home-buyers

    Do you know that, if you are a first-time home-buyer, you might qualify for a government housing subsidy?
  • Salt or chlorine in your pool

    When putting a pool in, one of the biggest choices you’ll have to make is whether to go with chlorine or salt for the water.
  • Backyard Improvement Ideas

    Do you consider a backyard as important or not? Home owners with children will agree that space in the back of the yard is important for children to play...
  • “Smart” homes - home automation

    Home automation is when one or more computers are used to control basic home functions and features. This can be done automatically or remotely. Home automation includes the scheduling of automated processed like heat control, water sprinkling...
  • 9 Dirty Things In Your Home You Probably Haven't Been Cleaning

    Even if you regularly sweep, dust, mop and hoover your home, your house may not be as germ-free and sparkling as you think. There are lots of dirty things in your home that you probably haven't been cleaning.
  • 8 Sneaky Small Space Solutions

    Some small space solutions you've probably heard before: make your furniture multitask!
  • Creating an indoor entertainment area

    Last week we took a look at a few points you need to consider when planning an outdoor entertainment area. In this follow up article we will be looking at 5 points your need to look at when planning an indoor entertainment area...
  • Tips for an outside entertainment area

    It is summer and time to entertain. It is the ideal time to plan that outside entertainment area or if you already have one to give it a now look or feel. Here are a few points to consider before you design that relaxing outdoor living area
  • How to design the perfect bathroom

    In recent years bathroom designs have changed and what once was viewed as a place to go and get cleaned up after a long day at work, its become a sanctuary where people retreat from stress and the world.
  • Spring Cleaning Tips

    You love a spotless house—but you don't want to spend the bulk of your time actually cleaning. Well, fret no more. We talked to seven experts who gave us some of their best methods to make chores easier, more effective and much less time-consuming, s
  • Building for the Future – how to make you house more energy-efficient

    As the energy crisis in South Africa deepens and water shortages loom in many areas, energy efficient upgrades and water-saving measures will not only reward homeowners with a significant return on investment in the short term...
  • Load shedding... Keep your candle safe!

    The term "load shedding" is a well-known household phrase under South Africans, even children sigh when the lights go out. Load Shedding is also known as "LS" in texting slang...