Home Improvements | CyberProp | 3-23

  • New home décor trends revealed

    Nurture and restoration are set to take centre stage on the residential design front, with architecture, furniture and décor trends all focusing on home as a sanctuary instead of a display.
  • There ain't no place like (a smart) home

    While smart homes are by no means a new concept, this cutting-edge technology is still regarded by many as the domain of wealthier home owners and tech junkies; well beyond the means and skills of the average householder.
  • An impressive pool makeover

    Building a new pool in the old one was just one of the steps this Durban couple took to rejuvenate their outdoor living area
  • More than an ego-boost: Green buildings and their far-reaching effects

    No longer a mere status symbol or key to bragging rights amongst friends, the green building is becoming the norm. Below, we find out more from the GBCSA about the growing demand and, indeed, necessity of green buildings.
  • Kitchens: The heart and soul of your home

    As the hub of your home, you want your kitchen to always look its best. There is an expression ‘Kitchens sell houses’ and this is very much show to be true as it is the room with the most financial value and one of the biggest factors that could...
  • Move Out or Add On?

    With a growing family, there comes a time when a home might become a bit of a squeeze and you need to decide whether to buy a bigger house, or extend the one you live in.
  • Smart Homes: The future is NOW

    Technology is undeniably evolving at a rapid pace and has influenced our daily lives greatly, making activities so much easier with the internet in your pocket and being able to call for transport with the touch of a button.
  • Making your patio a space for all seasons

    No South African home is complete without a patio. A patio is an outdoor space used for dining or recreation that generally bridges the gap between the inside and outside of your home.
  • The best - and worst - home improvements to make this year

    Most homeowners will make improvements or do renovations over time, but if you are hoping to get back everything you’ve spent on those projects when you sell your property, you should focus on keeping what you already have in really great condition..
  • WOW Mind Blowing New Christmas Light Show taken by a Drone

    The Prestons Family Christmas Light Show in Kingman, Az will be featured on this years The Great Christmas Light Fight Series on ABC don't miss it.
  • Develop townships and create more jobs

    It may seem like history now, but the November 29 statement by the ruling party’s national executive committee (NEC) was a watershed moment that seems to have gone over our heads.
  • How to design the perfect patio

    Follow these five steps to create your perfect patio garden
  • Creating a Homework Station That Gets Top Marks

    Good study habits are easier to build when you have a dedicated and attractive spot to hit the books.
  • Get your outdoors ready for spring

    We are already starting to feel that spring is on the way, and it looks like it's going to be a hot one - one where you will want to spend more time outdoors relaxing in the garden or on the patio. Refresh your outdoor space with colourful, patterned
  • Don't put off home maintenance

    Regular home maintenance is important to maintain the value of your property and also prevent damage that can easily be avoided.
  • Home is where the fireplace is

    Winter is upon us and when considering ways to heat up your home, many people consider adding or restoring an indoor fireplace.
  • Indoor swings - the fun new trend

    There’s no denying that swings are fun. For an adult, they bring back so many memories of playing in the garden or at the park.
  • Open Shelving Solutions for Every Room

    Keep everything neat, tidy, and accessible with this on-trend design strategy.
  • Plan kitchen renovations carefully

    With kitchen renovations possibly being one of the most expensive room revamps one can undertake in a home, it makes sense to spend as much time as possible in the planning phases as mistakes are not easily undone, says Anne Porter...
  • Darth Vader Fire Pit

    With Star Wars: The Force Awakens being released on the 16th of December we have one for all the Star Wars fans out there. How would you like your very own Darth Vader Fire Pit?
  • Decorex - 2015

    00 decorators and designers, furniture suppliers, kitchen manufacturers, and paint and décor specialists who will be exhibiting
  • How to spot a worthwhile fixer-upper

    With homes prices on the rise again in most popular areas, more buyers are open to the idea of acquiring a “fixer-upper” property that will allow them to gain cheaper entry to their favourite area in return for some of their own labour or “sweat equi
  • Gas stoves, a must to have?

    By now South Africans are very familiar with the term "load shedding". This and the rapid increase in electricity tariffs force many home owners to consider installing gas stoves and also other gas appliances.