Realistically, if your goal was to purchase property this year, but you’ve yet to put aside a single penny towards attaining this, it might be tough to meet your resolution in time for the next New Year’s celebration.  

“Purchasing property is not an overnight activity. A lot of planning and saving is required before a first-time buyer will be able to enter the market. However, for those who set a timeframe and develop a valid plan to achieve the goal within these parameters, it is possible to reach whatever goals they’ve set out to achieve. The key is to have the perseverance to stick to the proposed strategy even when it becomes difficult to do so,” explains Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett.

“The very first thing I would recommend is meeting with a financial advisor who can help analyse a buyer’s finances and determine whether it will be financially viable for them to achieve such a goal. Part of the discussion will include cashing in any pre-existing investments and setting up a savings scheme that will achieve the required amount within the desired timeframe.”

“Acquiring pre-approval for a home loan at a bond originator will prove helpful in discovering how much a buyer qualifies for and how much they will need to set aside in order to make their purchase. Beyond this, buyers can get a more realistic idea on how much money they will need to set aside by arranging a meeting with a local real estate professional. Up to date with real-time market values, real estate professionals can advise whether buyers have accurate expectations about what they can afford. They can also advise buyers whether it will be possible to find such a property within the allotted timeframe,” Goslett advises.       

Once equipped with the knowledge of what they can afford, how much they need to save, and how long it will take to find the property, buyers then need to practice the self-discipline to follow through on the suggested plan. According to Goslett, if the plan seems too daunting to stick to, then buyers may need to readjust their timeframe in order to make the goal of purchasing property more obtainable.  

“The key to purchasing property sooner rather than later is to stop talking in abstract terms and to put a concrete plan in place instead. Many talk about owning property as if it is an unobtainable dream that is far removed from their current reality, when the truth is that it could be well within their grasp if only they put in the work and make the plans to achieve it,” Goslett concludes.    

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